Cadre Strength : (As on 31.03.2016)

Category Sanctioned as per XIth plan Staff in position Vacant posts
RMP 1 1 0
Scientific 14 10 4
Technical 6 6 0
Administrative 11 5 6
Supporting 2 2 0
Total 34 24 10

Staff :

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. R.K. Pal Director, NRCP
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Jyotsana Sharma Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology)
2 Dr. K. Dinesh Babu Senior Scientist (Horticulture – Fruit Sc.)
3 Dr. D.T. Meshram Senior Scientist (Land and Water Management Engineering)
4 Dr. Ashis Maity Scientist (Soil Science)
5 Dr. N.V. Singh Scientist (Horticulture – Fruit Sc.)
6 Dr. Nilesh Gaikwad Scientist (Agril Structures and Process Engg.)
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Shilpa H.B. Scientist (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
8 Mr. Mallikarjun M. Harsur Scientist
9 Ms. P. RoopaSowjanya Scientist
1 Shri. D.T. Chaudhari Technical Assistant (T4)
2 Shri. Diwakar V. Sawaji Technical Assistant (T3)
3 Shri. Y.R. Shinde Technical Assistant (T3)
4 Shri. M.S. Gogaon Technical Assistant (T2)
5 Shri. G.A. Salunke Technical Assistant (T1)
6 Shri. V.U. Lokhande Technical Assistant (T1)
1 Shri. R.B. Rai Assistant Administrative Officer
2 Shri. V.A. Shinde Assistant Finance & Account Officer (AFAO)
3 Shri. K.B. Khatmode Lower Division Clerk
4 Shri. A.S. Babar Lower Division Clerk
5 Shri. Vipin Dagar Lower Division Clerk
  Supporting Staff  
1 Shri. S.S. Bayas Skilled Supporting Staff
2 Shri. V.S. Gangane Skilled Supporting Staff

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