Facebook Marketing – Top Tips For Success

Facebook marketing can be successful, but you have to keep in mind that Facebook is a social networking system. Use it to get recognition and credibility at your chosen location, but do not overspend.

. Add a button like to your website

Charlie Jones sells luxury candles online and is a big fan of Facebook advertising and notes “If you have a WordPress blog, you can add a plug-in to your blog to place a Facebook Like button on your blog. Your blog visitors can then click the “Likes” button, and they will appear on Facebook News and raise awareness of your blog! If you do not have a WordPress blog, there are also many options to add, just do a Google search for Facebook Like Button, and you’ll find a lot of options. Facebook has its page that you can place your URL on only and will give you the code to copy it to your website.”

. Create a page

B. Caine runs the marketing for a botox orland park clinic and these bristol surveyors online and says “One of the most effective things you can do in your Facebook marketing campaign is to create a business page. Unlike your profile page of 5,000 fans, if you create a Facebook page, you can have an unlimited number of fans. You can also get unlimited pages. Your page should be attractive, so keep it updated with valuable content. Include news in your business, what happens in your business, but above all make it targeted to your visitors and made it fun and engaging. Make sure your page is linked to all of your blogs and other social media accounts.”

. Put the Optin page on your Facebook page.

G Winchester is an seo consultant and smm pro and runs the marketing for numerous businesses including this yoga classes manchester clinic and this turf supply store and recommends “Want to generate more threads? Place a tab on your Facebook Fan page. To do this, you need to use static FTML, and you will find that under applications when you create a page. It works just like on a website. You can get an option code from your Autoresponder like Aweber or get a response, paste it into the FBML box, and you have a lead capture page! You can give away free videos, eBooks, or anything you think is valuable to your customers and add them to your mailing list.”

Keep Newsfeed clean

Greg Banner runs a storage manchester company online and also MT Mechelec and notes “Block anyone unwanted. Delete any posts that you do not think are appropriate for your Facebook marketing campaign. Do not use obscene language and get away from topics that can offend readers. Use common sense.”

Do not ask for friends until you interact with them.

Peter Barnes runs a roller compaction for dry granulation business and notes “Do not send friend requests randomly. Look for groups related to your status. Then post relevant information, comment on other peoples’ posts or like them, then ask them to be your friend. Facebook is all about being socialized so keep it.”

You have a great profile

Mason Jordan runs the social media for this hairdressers warrington business and this ham gift retailer and notes “Make your profile professional but give people information about you as a person. In the end, people do not buy a product unless they like it. Get a picture of yourself taken by a professional photographer. Put links to your other sites on your profile.”

Set Up Facebook Events

Greg Jones runs the FB pages for this assisted living chicago service and environmental drilling company and says “When you set up a Facebook event (which is very simple), and people respond that they’ll be there, their response appears in their newsfeed, and all of their friends will see it. This is an excellent marketing strategy through Facebook where your friends are notified without the need for friendship. What do you put in an event? Well, you can have a webinar, maybe a reduction in product prices for a limited time, or give away free reports for a limited time.”

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