1. Institute Research Projects:

S. No. Project Name Principal Investigators Status
1 Conservation, characterization and sustainable use of diversity in pomegranate Dr.(Mrs.).ShilpaParashuram Ongoing
2 Genetic improvement of pomegranate for yield, quality and resistance to biotic stresses through conventional breedin and biotechnological approaches Dr. K.DhineshBabu Ongoing
3 Development and refinement of integrated production technologies for improved productivity Dr. D.T.Meshram Ongoing
4 Propagation, bio-hardening and mass multiplication of elite planting material in pomegranate (Punicagranatum L.) Dr. N.V. Singh Ongoing
5 Development and refinement of integrated crop protection technologies for improved productivity of pomegranate Mr. Mallikarjun Ongoing
6 Post harvest management value addition and improving knowledge of stakeholders for increasing production and marketing of pomegranate Dr. Nilesh N.Gaikwad Ongoing
7 Flagship project on integrated approach to eradicate bacterial blight Dr.(Mrs.).Jyotsana Sharma Ongoing

2. Externally Funded Project:

S. No. Programme Project Name Principal Investigator Status
 1 Project under RKVY Horticultural crop pest surveillance and advisory project for Mango, pomegranate & Banana  Director, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
 2 Intellectual Property Right Intellectual property management and transfer/commercialization of Agriculture Technology scheme  Director, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
3 Technology development and transfer scheme of NHB Demonstration of model pomegranate production practices for effective management of bacterial blight disease Director, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
4 DUS project Establishment of DUS centre at NRC on Pomegranate Director, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
5 Contract research Project Evaluation of chitosan derivatives and chitosan based formulation XANSIL to control bacterial blight of pomegranate (Funded by Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd., Pune ) Dr.(Mrs.). Jyotsana Sharma Ongoing
6 Contract research Project Performance evaluation of Fosetyle –Al 80WP (Aliette) and other protection range chemicals of Bayer Crop Science Limited on pomegranate health and productivity (Funded by Bayer Crop Science Limited, Mumbai) Dr.(Mrs.). Jyotsana Sharma Ongoing
7 Project under Extramural Fund of ICAR SNP marker based mapping of bacterial blight genes in pomegranate (Punicagranatum L.) Dr. H.B. Shilpa Ongoing
8 Project under Extramural Fund of ICAR Development of fruit based carbonated drink from pomegranate and grapes Dr. N. Gaikwad Ongoing
9 Project under Extramural Fund of ICAR Trait specific characterization of indigenous and exotic pomegranate accessions to arrive at core collection for genetic improvement programme Dr. K. Dhinesh Babu Ongoing
10 NHB project Mechanization in pomegranate cultivation and its demonstration Dr. N.V. Singh Ongoing
11 Consultancy project Implementation of total orchard management practices for pomegranate plantation Dr. N.V. Singh Ongoing
12 Contract research Project Evaluating bioefficacy of formulations Avtar and Merger in the management of fungal leaf/fruit spot and rots of pomegranate (Funded by Indofil Chemicals Limited) Dr.(Mrs.) Jyotsana Sharma Completed
13 Contract research service (Paid up trial) Evaluating performance of poly propylene non-woven bags with respect to diseases, insect pests, physiological disorders and quality of pomegranate fruits (Funded by Reliance Industries Pvt.Ltd.) Dr.(Mrs.) Jyotsana Sharma Completed

3. Tribal Sub Plan:

S. No. Project Name Principal Investigator Status
 1 Introduction of pomegranate cultivation (Punicagranatum L.) to tribal farmers of Gadchiroli District  Director, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing

4. Inter-institutional Collaborative Projects:

S. No. Programme Project Name Principal Investigator Status
 1 Delineation of potential areas for pomegranate cultivation in India using remote sensing and GIS techniques ICAR-NRCP, Solapur, NBSSLUP, Nagpur Dr. D.T. Meshram ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
2 Micronutrient management in pomegranate for enhancing yield and quality (Externally funded Network project) ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore, ICAR-NRCP, Solapur, Dr. AshisMaity, ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
3 Consortia research platform on borer pests (Externally funded) ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore, ICAR-NRCP, Solapur, Dr. Mallikarjun ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
4 Outreach programme on management of sucking pests in horticultural crops (Externally funded) ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore, ICAR-NRCP, Solapur, Dr. Mallikarjun ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
5 Response of pomegranate to deficit irrigation and partial root zone drying (Externally funded under CRP on water) ICAR-IIWM, Bhubaneshwar ICAR-NRCP, Solapur Dr. D.T. Meshram ICAR-NRCP Ongoing
6 All India Coordinated Research Project on Arid Zone Fruits ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner ICAR-NRCP, Solapur Dr. K. Dhinesh Babu, Dr. N.V. Singh Ongoing

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